Founded in 1853, St. John XXIII Catholic School (SJ23) fosters a spiritually rich, academically challenging, and emotionally nurturing education for students from preschool (pre-3) through 8th grade.

Today, SJ23 provides a faith-based education option for approximately 175 students. Together, with the support of St. John XXIII Catholic Parish, our school functions as a parochial school option for students in northern Ozaukee County.

SJ23’s rigorous, integrated, hands-on philosophy promotes differentiated instruction, encourages creative expression, promotes critical thinking, and provides students with the opportunity to obtain skills needed to be successful, compassionate learners for the future.

In partnership with parents, our administration, faculty, and staff provide a Christ-centered environment that stresses basic academic skills and competencies, as well as the arts, music, and technology. We pride ourselves in producing graduates who are well prepared to excel in any high school they choose. Learn more about our history, mission, and philosophy by reading below.


The SJ23 Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the school. It assists with budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and monitoring of adherence to the annual budget. This group also helps set long-range financial goals and develops strategies for accomplishing these goals.

Committee Members:

  • Brian Amore
  • Wayne Chrusciel
  • Dave Didier
  • Kristine Klein
  • Jeff Schmit
  • Jan Schueller
  • Tom Spankowski
  • Roger Strohm
  • Mike Weiland
  • Jeff Williams

A Destination to SERVE. LEARN. LOVE. LEAD….as Disciples of Christ.

Port Washington has supported Catholic education since 1853 when the first Catholic school was established by Fr. F. X. Sailer. Since 1855, the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Sisters of the Dominican Motherhouse, and the Agnesian Sisters have all handled teaching duties at various times. In 1916, St. Mary’s School was built under the supervision of Monsignor Peter Holfeltz and served students in 1st through 10th grades. The original structure has undergone a number of expansions and remodels. The subsequent school was established to support St. Peter’s Parish in the 1960s and served students in 1st through 8th grades.

As enrollment declined in the 1980s, the school combined to form Port Washington Catholic School, which is now St. John XXIII Catholic School (SJ23). We provide instruction to children in grades preschool through 8th grade.

Welcome to St. John XXIII Catholic School – the finest K-8 Parochial School serving southeastern Wisconsin. Our mission is dedicated to providing a strong educational program that teaches Christian values, supports the education of the whole child, provides a safe environment and promotes preparing students for a life of continuous learning and service to the community.

At St. John XXIII we establish a Christ-centered environment where Christian values are taught, modeled, learned and lived by all members of the community. These values begin with a gifted, caring, and welcoming staff that shares a host of talents with its students and, in turn, encourages students to share their time, abilities and leadership with one another.

As you navigate our website, you’ll learn more about exciting programs where the creativity, uniqueness and self-esteem of each child is fostered and nurtured. Our students are taught the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving, while engaged in real-world experiences.

It is our goal to offer an excellent education where diversity of learning styles is honored and where individual differences are respected. Educating the complete child is paramount to his/her success.

Because learning takes place beyond the classroom, service to our community is an integral component of our program. We are preparing our students to be responsible citizens and stewards in a diverse and global community.

Thank you for your interest in St. John XXIII  Catholic School. We hope that what you see here will encourage you to visit our campuses, observe the sense of community and consider the excellent educational program we offer.

Please feel free to email or call me at 262-284-2682 to schedule a visit, or fill out this form. We would love to share this special place with you.

Kristine Klein
Principal, St. John XXIII Catholic School

The SJ23 School Advisory Commission serves as an advisory body to the school principal or administrator. It assists with policy development, identification and expression of educational goals and objectives, budget planning, marketing, and public relations.

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